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Located a short walk from Skaket Beach (with private and public access)

Nauset Beach, Orleans MA

Skaket Beach on Cape Cod Bay has less surf and warmer water for swimming, which is great for younger children and families. Cape Cod Bay is known for its stunning tidal fluctuations - at low tide, waters recede up to a mile, for exquisite walking among the tidal flats dotted with shallow pools. This sight has inspired many an artist to capture the breathtaking scenery and brilliant dappled light at low tide. At high tide, clear, warm, gentle waves lap the shore, making for perfect swimming. Facing west, Skaket Beach is also renowned for picture-perfect sunsets. It's also a great place to view the fireworks on July 3rd at dusk.

Skaket Beach, Orleans MA

Skaket Beach has a popular snack bar serving its famous fried clams among other refreshments.  The beach also offers a boardwalk, outside showers, changing and bathroom  facilities and  lifeguards.

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Adjacent to Skaket Beach is Rock Harbor, which moors numerous yachts and smaller craft along its granite dock, and where fireworks are launched for Independence Day.

Namskaket, the section of the Skaket Beach area where the house is located, is the name of the creek and associated salt marsh entering next to Skaket Beach to the South. A salt marsh is a coastal wetland that extends landward up to the highest high tide line, that is, the highest spring tide of the year, and is characterized by plants that are well adapted to living in saline soils.

Nauset Beach

A day at Nauset can make a Cape Codder out of anyone. Situated on the open Atlantic, it's famous for its crashing waves and its soft white sand and is considered one of the best beaches on the entire East Coast.

Part of the National Seashore, it's pristine and undeveloped. The beach itself stretches almost ten miles south to Chatham, and the National Seashore continues north to Provincetown along the entire eastern length of the Cape.

Panoramic ocean views, warm sand, the shrill cry of seagulls, and wonderful shells and seas-polished rocks keep visitors returning to this shoreline year after year.

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Nauset Beach also has a renowned snack bar serving famous fried clams among other refreshments.  The beach also offers a boardwalk, outside showers, changing and bathroom  facilities and  lifeguards.

Cape Cod National Seashore
Cape Cod National Seashore comprises 43,604 acres of shoreline and upland landscape features, including a forty-mile long stretch of pristine sandy beach, dozens of clear, deep, freshwater kettle ponds, and upland scenes that depict evidence of how people have used the land. A variety of historic structures are within the boundary of the Seashore, including lighthouses, a lifesaving station, and numerous Cape Cod style houses. The Seashore offers six swimming beaches, eleven self-guiding nature trails, and a variety of picnic areas and scenic overlooks. Visit the Cape Cod National Seashore website.

Chatham Beaches

Chatham, the next town over, offers additional beaches that are great.  Parking permits are required at most of Chatham's nine beaches; the exceptions are Forest Beach Road and Pleasant Street beaches, both in South Chatham, which have limited but free parking. Stickers good at the other beaches can be obtained at the booths at Hardings, Cockle Cove and Ridgevale beaches, where daily parking is $8. A one-week sticker is $35, and a season sticker is $60.

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Only four beaches have lifeguards: Hardings, Cockle Cove, Ridgevale and Oyster Pond. Those beaches also have restrooms; other town beaches have portable toilets. Cockle Cove Beach, off Cockle Cove Road, is the best choice for families with little ones, since it has lifeguards. It also has restrooms, and parents will appreciate the calm waves and long stretches of soft sand. Hardings Beach, off Hardings Beach Road, has a concession stand for snacks, restrooms, and quietly pounding surf. Ridgevale Beach, between Hardings and Cockle Cove (at the end of Ridgevale Road) also has lifeguards, restrooms, and a concession stand in summer. Also on Nantucket Sound are Pleasant Street Beach (where you don't need a sticker to park) and Forest Beach Road Beach. Those seeking solitude should head over to Atlantic Ocean-fronted North Beach. Located at the southern end of Orleans' Nauset Beach, it's accessible only by boat. Area water taxis will take you there (and bring you back) for a small round-trip fee per adult.

The remote South Beach, off Morris Island Road just beyond the Chatham Light, and also on the Atlantic, provides solitude without requiring a boat. It has no parking lot, so you'll have to walk or bike there. The most desolate stretches take quite a hike, but the quiet and grandeur cannot be beat.

Skaket Beach

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